Passage to Grenada – 7 December 1800UTC position


December 7th, 2017


North Atlantic 2017 – 2019, Ocean passages

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Richard Farrington

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By Richard. Posted on December 7th, 2017 in North Atlantic 2017 – 2019, Ocean passages.

11:58.6N  56:10W

After a fast run in the previous 24 hours, the momentum has continued and we have made a further 165 miles towards Grenada.  I am on the verge of rescinding water rationing, but cautious about the possibility of some unforeseen delay as we approach our destination!  The wind does not seem quite as consistent as yesterday…

We had an extraordinary visit from a Great Shearwater at sunset last night.  He made a couple of very close passes before touching down on the top of the mast for a bit of preening.  He had to work hard to hold on though and we were worried that his flailing wings might damage some of the rather expensive toys up there.  We tried everything for about an hour – foghorn, rattling pans, tapping the mast, forcing the boat to roll, furling and unfurling the sails – but he was determined to stay put and quite unfazed by our antics.  I think he rather liked the fetching red and green tint to his plumage from the navigation lights!  So in the end I switched them off and we had supper.  When we had finished, he had gone.  Probably thought he could do better for his scran!

Richard & Julie XX