We have always enjoyed writing, so when we set off on our 2 year North Atlantic trip in 2017, we started to keep a Blog to involve our families and friends in our Big Adventure. This attracted a fairly positive response – and we have republished an edited version of it here as it provides some useful background information for anyone with itchy feet and a slippery keel. In addition to the original trip, we will be adding new material as we continue to explore the oceans in our fine yacht Escapade of Rame.

The sailing sections, now split into manageable geographic chunks, can be used as a ‘cruising companion’ for anyone thinking of sailing around the North Atlantic. They should be read alongside good quality pilot books (we particularly like the RCC Pilotage Foundation), up to date cartography and a glass of red wine.

The technical sections will explore aspects of the complexities of boat ownership as well as topical discussions on everything from European sailing post BREXIT to what sort of folding bicycle to consider.

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