Many people dream of sailing off into the sunset.

Not many actually get to do it. For most, the obstacles are funds, time, and experience. We can’t help with the funds, but we can enable you to use the time better and we can certainly help you gain the necessary experience and confidence.

We have firsthand experience of what it takes to sell up, buy the right boat and sail away. If this is something you would like to do, we can help with your planning and preparation. We offer advice based on our own adventures and those of our clients who are ‘living the dream’.

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We can help you build skills and confidence in yourselves and your boat. We offer everything from checklists to bespoke packages that make excellent use of our 50’ oceangoing yacht Escapade of Rame to hone your navigation, night sailing, meteorology, engine maintenance… and the whole business of how to sail shorthanded across the ocean.

We might do this by taking you off the beaten track to explore the beautiful and remote parts of the British Isles (a magnificent training ground) Brittany or Galicia for a few days, or help you make a plan from the comfort of your living room.

Have a look at our Blog posts about sailing, preparing the boat, new kit and current issues. There’s an article under ‘Technical’ titled ‘How on earth did we get here?’ to get you started.

You can sail away into the sunset without a big budget or a big boat - we met countless happy souls who prove the 'low budget low tech' approach. Please get in touch to share your dreams and ambitions.

We look forward to talking to you.