In this section we will publish an occasional series covering the technical aspects of owning your own boat. We are extremely lucky to have Escapade of Rame, our 1999 Holman & Pye-designed Oyster 485. We acquired her in 2014 after many years of owning cruiser-racers (mostly X-Yachts). Some folk criticise Oysters for commanding a high price. I would respond by saying that you can find one in your price range if you look hard enough – Oysters have a remarkable heritage starting from the iconic UFOs all the way up to the ‘superyachts’ you can see at the world’s smartest boatshows.

What all the best boats have in common is extraordinary build quality, attention to detail and the clear influence of yachtsmen and practical engineers at every step of the design and build process. The result is a boat that will last you a lifetime.

But this Technical Blog isn’t a sermon on Oysters. It’s designed to offer curious owners an insight into some of the challenges and choices of boat ownership and how we approached them.



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