Pre-purchase Condition Surveys

A pre-purchase full condition survey provides you with the evidence you need to make the right decision when buying a boat. We start by gaining a clear understanding of what you plan to do with the vessel and keep that information in mind as we conduct an in-depth inspection. For a 35 foot boat, that usually entails a full day onboard, followed by a second day writing up the report, investigating issues and drawing up options to resolve them. Bigger boats take more time.

We will often climb the mast on a yacht to inspect the standing rigging and fittings that other surveyors look at through binoculars. We strongly recommend fuel and oil analysis and for powerboats, a structured sea trial. Depending on the circumstances, we may advise bringing in specialists to conduct a more detailed inspection.

We keep you fully informed with a ‘first impressions report’ on the evening of the inspection and a follow-up discussion to ensure you are happy with the way ahead. A full written report normally follows within two working days. You can find more detail in the downloadable file at this link on our main surveying page.


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