Passage to Grenada – 3 December 1800UTC position


December 3rd, 2017


North Atlantic 2017 – 2019, Ocean passages

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Richard Farrington

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By Richard. Posted on December 3rd, 2017 in North Atlantic 2017 – 2019, Ocean passages.

14:06.4N  45:13.2W

We reached the halfway point yesterday evening as we watched a couple of episodes of ‘Band of Brothers’ – a fine tradition of ‘wardroom film night’ on Saturday evenings at sea with a steak supper thrown in to boost morale!

This morning we gybed onto port tack, though we have only come about 10 degrees left.  We are now on the Admiralty ‘Trinidad to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge’ chart, which has Grenada in the bottom left and Escapade approaching from the bottom right.  Right here the sea is about 3000 metres deep as we head towards the Demerara Abyssal Plain.  No seabirds – I guess 1000 miles from land is quite a way offshore even for a shearwater, but some dolphins came to tea which was nice – they didn’t get any of my coffee cake though!

We are 154 miles closer to Grenada than we were this time yesterday.

Richard & Julie XX