21 May at Douarnenez


May 21st, 2017


France, North Atlantic 2017 – 2019

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Richard Farrington

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By Richard. Posted on May 21st, 2017 in France, North Atlantic 2017 – 2019.

48:05.9N  4:20W

Morgat was mostly dominated by the outboard motor.  Or rather the lack of it.

Irritating because I spent £120 at Fairweather Marine over the winter having a perfectly serviceable engine mollycoddled.  Only to find that it was returned to me (bill paid) in an unserviceable condition.  Sounds like the DE&S all over again… carburettor leaking fuel like a WikiLeaks editor; runs for a minute then stops for a long rest ( aka chef on a fitness test).  Awfully nice people ashore at Bateaux Morgat had no relevant parts and won’t be in work again ‘til Tuesday, so Julie has been rowing.

The Dhoby Run

Quite a lot as it happens; she did the laundry run this morning but had to make a separate trip to collect the dhoby dust and the shekels to feed the hungry slot machine in the laundromat.  All as the wind swung round to the south and warmed up – putting us on a lee shore with not much room underneath the keel at low water.  My hunch about the Pilot being ‘arse about face’ proved correct; we were blissfully secure with the wind in the NW, but a little more focused on the nearby sandy beach once the wind backed.  I shall be writing to the chaps at the Royal Cruising Club Foundation and Reeds at once.

Morgat is worth a look though.  A seasonal seaside sleepy hollow at this time of the year, it is immaculate apart from the ubiquitous dog mess on the pedestrianised expanses and the excited teenagers making their presence known on their ‘Yamhonduki Constant Speed Variable Noise Machines’ (Bob Thomas-speak for a moped) on the tarmac’d bits.  Nice little supermarket, chandlery selling shirts in various grades of Breton stripe but not many shackles… great coffee, croissants, Kouign Aman (my personal fave), a host of tiny art galleries and some expensive looking clothes shops which were studiously avoided.  Many shutters on the windows – Peugeot obviously not letting the workers out at this time of year.

So today I struggled to lend credibility to my business accounts whilst Jules braved the waves and the laundry.  We watched a true athlete on a foiling kite surfing placemat reaching ridiculous speeds whilst holding on with one hand.  The other one was for waving to his fans.  I am one.

Monsieur Uber(t) Cool

Then we weighed anchor and did some sightseeing along the coast just east of Morgat, before setting sail and beating upwind to Douarnenez, where we dropped anchor for the night.  Sundowners and dinner on deck with the wind from ahead and the sun from astern was blissful.

Tomorrow we will investigate the markets of Douarnenez and then head south through the Raz de Sein in search of a chap to mend the outboard – and the fabulous Iles de Glenan.