2 May 2019 – Arrival at Horta, Azores


May 3rd, 2019


North Atlantic 2017 – 2019, Ocean passages

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Richard Farrington

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By Richard. Posted on May 3rd, 2019 in North Atlantic 2017 – 2019, Ocean passages.

38:31.8N  28:37.56W

We motored for much of yesterday, but the wind eventually filled in from the south east after sunset and a few hours later we were flying along at between 7 and 9 knots, lit by a fine display of phosphorsescence.  We sighted the majestic peak of Mount Pico at dawn and by lunchtime were approaching the harbour at Horta.

We cleared Customs and Immigration, enjoyed a good lunch ashore at Peters Bar, sorted out some laundry, refuelled the boat, booked some flights and then went on a short pub crawl of the town before struggling back into our beds, suitably exhausted.

Thank you so much to Tom and Ed for sailing the boat so well, entirely in accordance with my broad direction, with such good humour and resilience; to Mr Holman and Mr Pye for designing such an extraordinary boat and to those clever chaps at Windboats and Oyster who built Escapade some 20 years ago.  She is a fantastic vessel in which to have made this crossing in and I am very confident that the leg to Portsmouth will be as straightforward – albeit windier!

Tom and Ed fly home tomorrow and I now  need to work out the best way of linking up with Dave and Peter here in the Azores, who will help me sail Escapade home on the last leg.

Richard, Ed and Tom