13 July 2016 at Iona


July 15th, 2016


Scotland 2016

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Richard Farrington

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By Richard. Posted on July 15th, 2016 in Scotland 2016.

Bull Hole is a great anchorage at Neaps – as we are now.  Depths might be an issue at LW Springs…

John and I took the rubber boat across the Sound to the main landing on Iona.  Had a really interesting visit to the monastery and Iona Community enterprise (postcard and fridge magnet as proof).  Fantastic weather with great light, blue seas and towering cloud formations over the surrounding island.  Decent light lunch at the nearby hotel, sat in the garden (with coats on) and then walked up to the northern beaches.  These are lovely – nature and the seaside at its best.  White sand, crystal clear water, every kind of seaweed and some fine pink basalt rock formations.  Watched a kite surfer sail halfway round the island, then come ashore and use his kite to help him run/scramble at some speed over the rocks and bogs to the next bay – extreme sport at its best?  We then climbed up through some boggy ground to the hill above the monastery – the highest peak on Iona!  Great views from there and a corncrake in the rushes to inspire John on the way down the hill!